January 15, 2011

Business Class Loyalty Program

Selain promo eclat, ada lagi loh promonya di awal tahun ini.

*Business Class Loyalty Program Januari, Februari, Maret 2011*

Dapet apa yaa?Penuh kualifikasi untuk Business Class alias belanja 150BP pada bulan :
Januari + Februari + Maret 2011

dan dapatkan paket Golden Treasures eksklusif yang nilainya Rp.596.000,-
hanya Rp.99.000,- (harga konsultan) !!

*Paket Golden Treasures akan diberikan di bulan April 2011 kepada mereka yang mencapai kualifikasi Business Class di Bulan Januari, Februari, dan Maret 2011 berturut-turut dengan melakukan order pertama minimum Rp.175.000,-

Promonya seru kan... gabung yuk disini

January 12, 2011

Oriflame Eclat Promo

Penawaran Eclat Fragrance (3-31 Januari 2011)*

Lakukan order akumulasi 100 BP di Januari 2011
dan dapatkan Eclat Man EdT atau Eclat Woman EdT
hanya Rp.69.000,-* (harga consultant) !!!


Lakukan order akumulasi-nya 150 BP dan dapatkan
Eclat Man EdT atau Eclat Woman EdT GRATIS!

Hadiah diberikan saat melakukan order BP pertama minimum Rp.175.000,-
di bulan Februari 2011

mau dong gratisan.. hehe

yang mau gratisan, gabung yuk disini

January 06, 2011


Bathroom is one of the most important thing in the house or another building in this world. It must be used by many people everyday to take a bath and many other activities. If you are now looking for the bathroom’s equipments, you can easily get it without going to the traditional market that offer this tools.

There are so many bathroom’s equipment that you can search by the categories in the site that offer you this equipments like bathroom suites, toilets, toilet seats, Saniflo macerators, bathroom tiles and many others. Do not worry about the quality because this company offers you the best product that you can choose today. You can also order for the one that you like and then the fast delivery will sent it to your home.

Moreover, you can find there are many kinds of bathroom taps, bathroom tiles, bathroom furniture, bathroom mirrors by visiting www.betterbathrooms.com . It must be really useful for you must be really satisfied with this service that you can enjoy today. This is the simplicities that you can get by searching it in the internet, now, you can create your own bathroom that has been your favorite since long ago and now you can choose the things that you like.

Another great news is, a great sale up to 60% only in this January. So what are you waiting for?

LC Meeting 2 Jan 2011

LC meeting Oriflame hari minggu kemaren, jadi sekalian ajang kop-dar bagi jaringannya Widya. Dari grup saya yang datang cuma4 orang, karena banyak yang tiba-tiba berhalangan datang. Tapi seru banget. Bisa ketemu sama partner bisnis, baik yang se grup maupun crossline. Akhirnya ketemu muka sama yang biasanya cuma kenal dari imel2nya atau cuma YM-an aja.. ternyata oh ini toh orangnya.. hehe.

Di acara ini selain perkenalan dengan managing director yang baru, info promo terbaru untuk bulan january dan february 2011, pastinya ada acara recognisi dong.. Recognisi untuk C12 dan 13.

Tri, Hani & Wien, 3 sejoli dari Bogor

Recognisi 12%, barengan dengan Nonon

Wiwin, recognisi 9%

Grup Widya yg hadir...in purple

Get the Useful Service in the Internet

Internet, as the global networking, has become the most useful tools today that many people can choose to support their activities. You can do anything in the internet and all you need to do is knowing the site and then find the things that you want. The best thing that you can find today is the useful service that has been available in the internet.

There are many kinds of services that you can find by searching it online. One of them is you can find the consultant interview course. This service has become interesting because it can help many people and tell about how to prepare your self before facing the interview which is important for you. Beside that this consultant interview has been available to guide and help the people who need some advices about interview.

Furthermore, there are many others important information that you can easily find the information about the medical management course. There, you will get many crucial information about how to mange your medical course. Internet is really useful and may be all of the people in this world are helped by the service that can easily get just by searching. It seems like teach the teacher because everything is available now there.

Gold Investment

Gold is one of the best things that is durable and many people like to invest their infestation in the form of gold. Many people love to wear or save gold especially for woman. This is the great things that have the valuable and you can sell it whenever you want.

If you are now interested to be the investor, you have to know that many investor are placing physical gold in IRA’s. The gold IRA is depending on the global economic environment that is always growing. IRA gold has become the prior alternative for the gold 401k, 403b and also the Pension Plans. Gold in IRA is one of the ultimate assets and it has become the popular things that many people choose in saving their gold.

You can search for getting the further information about 401k gold and knowing about the excellences and also the price. As the most durable thing in this planet, gold has play the important rules in investment and if you are interested now with it, you must acknowledge your self about gold and knowing about the gold IRA transfer and many other things which are really important and make sure that you understand with how to invest with gold.

January 02, 2011

Happy New Year 2011

Start a new life in this new year. Forget the past and make new plans to catch my dreams. Hope this year will be "My Year", the time when I can achieve my dreams one by one.