October 29, 2009

Invest For the Future

These days, it’s very important to invest our money for the future. Many kind of investment you can choose, like my sister who rather to invest in property or my friend who buying stock as his way to invest. There are also many women who like to buy jewelry and gold. They said it’s a good investment and gorgeous to wear as well.

If you interested to invest by buying gold, such as gold coins and bullion, there is a site where you can find a gorgeous collection of gold coin and gold bullion from around the world, such as Chinese Gold Panda coin, American Buffalo 24-karat gold coin and The Australian Gold Nugget coin. Just visit the site to find out all collection. You can buy them online. And if you curious and need information about gold coin and bullion, you can read the testimonial from the customers and you can also request the gold guide for free at this site.

Anyway, for you who want to invest, any kind of investment, it’s better for you to gain much information about it and do not forget to ask the expert first. So you will find out which one is the best and most suitable with your financial condition.

October 28, 2009

Sweet October

October... oh I love October.. well, it's my birthday, but not only me who celebrating the great day, but also my cousins, my best friend, my niece and also my lovelly mom. I love you all.. and I hope all the best for us... and I hope I can meet you more often.
I miss the time we chatted, laughed and did something silly.. well, as we grown up, everybody has his and her own live, specially me who got married and stay at the different city...
I miss my home town and my sweet, tiny, old room... gigil I think I can't continue to write, or my eyes will full of tears remembering the sweet memories when I was young.

anyway... HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! celebrate