December 28, 2010


Do you like blogging? Well, I do. When the first time, I was confused about these blogging things, what should I do and what should I write on. But in process of time, I really enjoy blogging. My blog is like my online diary, where I put all in it. I write about all interesting in life, such as my favorite book, food and my daily activities. And I love to publish my favorite pictures too. Besides blogging, I also love to do blog walking and join community where I can share and get more information, current news, fresh idea to blog and also make friends as well.

As a beginner I used free tool for creating blog such as Blogspot and WordPress. They are very easy tools, and you can have a blog in very easy steps. But since I want to have my own domain, I should learn more about domain and web hosting or anything related. I wanted to find information about choosing the right domain name and cheap web hosting to support my new website. On the internet, I can find many web hosting tutorials, but since they are too many, I have to choose the most informative and useful for me. And also read the web hosting review first to gain more information about that. Anyway, if you know information about this, I really appreciate if you share in the comment below. Thanks before.

December 01, 2010


It’s been a month since the last blog post. I don’t know what should I share.. blank..
Anyway, my online business is run well, I put my life on this.. haha.. and my another business is start to show the good result. And last month I was the New Achiever Manager.. yippiiee!!

Being a manager is a new adventure, there are so many new things that I have to learn. If you could see my working board… paper..paper.. and more papers punched.
I should sleep late and wake up earlier to catch all of it.
I hope my hard work will paid well in the future.. amiin..

October 31, 2010

Happy October

Again in October, I say this.. I Love October..

Now, in the end of October I would say..
Happy birthday to my mom, my best friends, my cousins, my niece… and the best wishes for myself.. hehe.. I wish all the best for you guys.. and I hope my life is going better.. If you know me, you know what I mean :-P
Anyway, I hope I'll be better as a person, as a wife, as a mom, as a daughter and as a friend as well…
Life is begin at 30’s !!!! Cheers

March 01, 2010

Dare To Dream for New Member

Sudah Maret lagi nih..
Bulan ini di Oriflame ada promo lagi, namanya "DARE TO DREAM".. yang berlaku selama bulan Maret 2010

Jadi bagi yg mau gabung untuk menjadi member/consultant Oriflame pada periode 1-30 Maret 2010, biaya pendaftarannya cm Rp 9.900 aja (normalnya Rp 39.900)
Caranya :
1. mendaftar sebagai Consultant Oriflame hanya Rp 29.900 (normal RP 39.900)
2. lakukan order BP pertama Anda minimal Rp 175.000 (harga consultant) dan dapatkan pengembalian Rp 20.000
3. Anda pun bergabung di Oriflame dengan hanya membayar Rp 9.900!

Bukan itu aja.. Ada lagi yang namanya Welcome Program (WP), khusus pada promo "Dare To Dream" ini hadiahnya juga beda dari yang biasanya/normal:

Lakukan order 75 bp dalam waktu 30 hari sejak member baru bergabung, dapatkan gratis produk Oriflame Beauty Urban Shield Foundation senilai Rp. 99.000,-
(normal hadiah WP-1 adalah Rp. 75.000,-)

Lakukan order 100 bp dalam waktu 30 hari sejak member baru lolos kualifikasi WP-1, dapatkan gratis Twist Eye and Lip Pallete senilai Rp. 299.000,-
(normal hadiah WP-2 adalah Rp. 100.000,-)

Lakukan order 125 bp dalam waktu 30 hari sejak member baru lolos kualifikasi WP-2,
dapatkan gratis Enigma Dare to Dream Silver Bag senilai Rp. 499.000,-
(normal hadiah WP-3 adalah Rp. 150.000,-)

--> TOTAL HADIAH Rp 897.000

mau??? yuk ikutan, klik disini

February 18, 2010

Progress January 2010

Bulan Janury 2010, bulan ke dua aktif di bisnis online ini. Setelah sebulanan ini berusaha untuk memperbesar jaringan, alhamdulilah ada hasil nyata yang bisa dirasain oleh gua maupun oleh jaringan-jaringan dibawah gua. Meskipun masih kecil, tapi lumayan.
Selamat ya buat para downline gua tercinta, yang bulan January ini udah pada semangat :

1. Irma --> 6 %
2. Wiwin --> WP1, BC dan 3%
3. Ely --> WP1 dan 3 %
4. Ayu --> WP1, BC dan 3 %
5. Neng --> WP1
6. Astra --> WP1 dan BC
7. Tri --> WP1
8. Surantiyah --> WP1

Irma, Wiwin, Ely dan Ayu seharusnya naek panggung nih. Tapi sayang pada ga ada yg datang ke acara d'Bistro tanggal 6 February lalu.
Gua sendiri datang, meskipun agak2 gimana gitu, karena tgl 6 Feb itu, Zoya ultah. Karena dari pagi udah pergi, ikutan workshop Internet Marketing bareng Dini Shanti, siangnya lanjut dBistro di tempat yang sama. Akhirnya gua cuma sebentar aja di d'Bistro, abis gua naek panggung untuk recognisi 9%, gua langsung pulang, inget ama my little birthday girl sih, meskipun sebenernya masih pengen stay.

Recognisi 9%: Belum pada siap difoto..hehe..

Naek panggung perdana gua nih, setelah bulan lalu gagal karena telat datang..huehehe.. lumayan dapet pin dan hadiah Body Spray.
Mau ikutan naek panggung juga, klik disini


February 02, 2010

Entertaining Channels for TV

Television is the one which will help you release your stress at home. From the TV, you will get the entertainment which will make you forget about the annoying things in the office. But, TV can fully entertain you if it has large selections of channel that you will not feel bored in watching it.

If you are now in the middle of selecting the provider for your TV channels, then put aside the cable television will not make you lost. It is because satellite television provider can give you both local and international channels. You can choose DIRECTV immediately since it is really the one that can satisfy your desire in getting the entertainment. DIRECTV Service consist of movies, sports, family, as well as news programs which will always brighten your days. Since you are new customer of Directtv, you will get more advantages because you only need to pay for $29.99 per month and you are ready to watch more than 150 digital channels on your television.

You will not regret with your choice in using this Satellite TV Provider. Moreover, you have the chance to get additional bonus of $100 prepaid visa card if you call 800-400-0296 or fill out the 15-second quote at now.

January 28, 2010

Are You Ready for The Prom Night?

It’s a beginning of the year and probably most of the girls in school are talking about the prom night. Yes, prom night might be the most exciting event for most high school student, especially the girls. All of them want to look beautiful, amazing and perfect at this occasion. To make it happen, they should prepare everything from head to toe for this special event. The most important for this event, beside a date, off course the prom dresses. Well not only the girls but also most parents are excited to find the great prom dress.

Choosing the great prom dress is fun and confusing as well. Most of gorgeous collection offered in high price. Anyway, although you want to look outstanding you should check out your budget first. There is a website called that can be a good source to find and buy prom dress online. They have a huge collection of gorgeous dress, it available for any size with various designs that will fulfill each individual taste. At this website, you are able to browse to all collection or to find out the top ten prom dress list as a reference so that you will have the best dress that suitable with your style and match with your budget. If you have a tight budget, you can simply browse dresses by price, where you can find prom dress under $100 or at the range of $100 and $200.

There are many collections for 2010 prom dress at such as Paris, Clarisse, Jovani, Mori Lee and many more. Each of collection has unique style, for example Paris by Tony Bowls prom dresses collection which is considered as the best collection for 2010 offered dress with elegant style from one color to multi color. One of the best in Paris collection is the printed prom dress selection that makes these dresses so special and unique.

Although prom dresses are dominated with long and flowing gown, the collection of short prom dressess are worth considering. With this short dress you will look stylish, sweet and flirty as well.
So girls, have you get your dress? Long or short dress is up to you as long as it will boost your confident. Besides prom dress, don’t forget the other things such as shoes, jewelry and hairdo and also make up as well. Anyway, have fun at your prom night and don’t forget to rock the night!!

January 27, 2010

Wholesale Handbags

When you want to open your own store, whether is offline or online store, the most important is to find a good company that offering wholesale such as wholesale clothing, wholesale purses etc. Any kind product you choose, make sure that it has a good quality. These days find a whole seller is easier than before, just search in the internet and you will find many online wholesale companies with many kind of products.

One of the online wholesale companies is At this site you not only can get wholesale bags, but also wholesale purses and wholesale wallets. They have a huge collection of each type of product, for example giraffe/zebra handbags, western handbags, flat fame wallets and many more. Even you can also find crystal bling bling flip flop and various of jewelries like necklace chokers, cross pendant, ring and earrings with genuine Austrian crystals or made of genuine cowhide leather for their western jewelry collection.

Because this is a wholesale website, they require a minimum purchase of $150 per order. And to know the wholesale price of each product, you need to create an account first, it’s easy and free. But only seller with a valid seller’s permit can register or log in at this site.

January 19, 2010

Stroller For Your Baby

Every parents especially who have baby or toddler always want to bring their baby with them when they are going to the park or shopping at the mall. At this situation, parents should bring the stroller too so parents will be easier to bring baby everywhere and baby will feel more comfortable during this trip. This family trip will be fun and all of the family member will enjoy it as well.

If you looking for stroller for your baby or toddler, you had better visit, it is an online store where you can find, compare, choose and buy various types of strollers. According to this site, there are many type of stroller according to its function, such as: Standard Stroller, Umbrella stroller, Jogging stroller, All Terrain stroller, Urban Terrain, and many more.
And to make it easier when travelling, parents can add some accessories on the stroller such as: bug protection cover, stroller organizer, baby head support and many more stroller accessories that you can find at this site.

If you confuse in choosing the right stroller, stroller buying guide at this site will help you to find the most suitable stroller for you and your baby’s need. And there are reviews of each stroller that you can read, so you will have more information before decide to buy the stroller.
Happy Travelling with your Baby!!

January 01, 2010


Hallo.. dah tahun baru lagi ya.. ga kerasa banget 1 taun udah terlewat lagi. Setiap pergantian taun, gua sering banget ngerasa sedih sekaligus takut...
Semoga di tahun baru ini, semua yang gua inginin bakal tercapai.. Amiinnn!!

Eh kejutan baru di awal tahun, ternyata blog gua ini, ada Google PageRanknya lagi.. setelah betah banget di 0. hihi.. PR 2, lumayan..lumayan.. jadi tambah semangat blogging lagi nih..


Happy New Year 2010