December 20, 2008

Maryamah Karpov

I've finished reading this book. This book is the 4th book of Andrea Hirata's tetralogy. And it means it is the last book. Ugh.. No..!! I really love his books; Laskar Pelangi, Sang Pemimpi, Endensor and this Maryamah Karpov. They are a very great collection!

All his books has inspired many people including me. He teach us how to proud of who we are and not easily give up to our life. There's a will, there's a way!

December 19, 2008

Buy Books

Finally, my books come! I love to buy book online, because it has 15% off for each book. Cheaper than any regular bookstore. I hope I can have my own online bookstore someday! Anyway, right know I only buy 6 books :
  1. The Kite Runner
  2. Maryamah Karpov --> I've been waiting for this book
  3. Ketika Cinta Bertasbih --> I must read it first before watch the movie
  4. Lolita
  5. Perempuan Terluka --> the sequel of the awesome "Perempuan Suci" novel
  6. The Alchemist

December 13, 2008

Special Gift For Special People

Now is December and Christmas is coming soon. Some of you maybe are still looking for the perfect gift for your special people. Have you found it yet? Well, to give something to other people especially in the special day like Christmas is not that easy, but it will be great if that people love the gift that we gave to him or her.
Anyway, I have 4 great holiday gift ideas that might be useful for you:

Personalize Pens
There are three unique styles and multiple colors that you can choose from. You can add two lines of text engraving, absolutely FREE!

Wooden USB Flash Drives
This stylish wooden USB flash drive with attached cap is an environment friendly USB and FREE 2-sided custom laser engraving/personalization will make it as a truly unique technology gift. It is available in 2GB and 4GB capacities with two color choices.

Personalized USB Thumb Drives
This ultra-small and Hi-Speed USB flash drive is up to 16GB in capacity, so you are not only can store your digital photos, music files or business documents but also take your personal data and important information wherever you go. They are available in various themes and 14 colors with FREE custom laser engraving and security software to protect your sensitive information.

Business Card USB Flash Drives
This unique and eye-catching Business Card Flash Drives will be a great business and personal gifts! It is available in five color choices with 2GB of capacity. You can add up to three lines of text engraving for FREE!
So, why not one of those personalized holiday gifts for your special person? Pexagon is offering 20% for those great gifts until the end of the year, so what are you waiting for?


Cheap Domain

I planned to buy new domain and I knew from one forum at my country that GoDaddy offered cheap domain, it's only for $0.99 for dot com. But again, I'm late. It's already over at last Dec 1st. Huhuhu.. But I heard that Yahoo offers cheap domain too, it 's $1.99/1st year. Now, I'm rolling to yahoo.. see you.. I hope I'm not late again..
If you are interested too, this is the link

December 12, 2008

SocialSpark Jobless

When I opened my email, my eyes were wide open when I looked an email from Social Spark about opportunity reservation. Well, since I rarely log in to the site and not socialize anymore, I was Social Spark jobless. That’s why I was so happy about the email, but suddenly I noticed that the job was to be expired in 4 hours. Ok, calm down and start to think! When I wanted to type, suddenly my baby woke up and cried then I breastfed her until she slept again. When I walked to my computer and ready to work, I was shocked to know that it was 3 AM. It means I fell to sleep and the job was expired…. AAArrrggghhhh…!!

December 11, 2008

Football Web TV Channel

If you love football or maybe you are a football mania, this news may be useful for you. Carlsberg web-tv called Part of The Game has been launched by Carlsberg Brewery recently. At this site, you can find 5 channels that showing everything about football such as unforgettable matches and moments in football, story about life as a fan and even you can see what goes on beyond the game, outside and inside the stadium. Just visit now to beat you curiosity about this web tv.

December 06, 2008


If some people will celebrate Christmas this month, I and my family are going to celebrate Idul Adha on next Monday. On Idul Adha day, all Muslim, especially who have good financial condition are obligated to give a Kurban. This kurban means a sheep or a cow to be slaughtered, and the meat will be given to the poor.
As I have mentioned in my old post that this year I have started my on line job and to be grateful about this, I planned to buy a sheep for Kurban from my first earning that I’ve got from my online job. But, unfortunately, I haven’t withdrawn any amount from my paypal account because my credit card and my ATM card are locked in the drawer and I don’t know where the key is until now. I’m so sad because it only few days left until the day….