June 25, 2009

The GSS 2009 Tourist Privilege Card

Talking about shopping, The Great Singapore Sale (GSS) is held again. As we know, for us in the Southeast Asia, Singapore is a shopping paradise. And with this great sale, what is better than this????
The discounts are up to 70% off for just about anything, from designer apparel to jewelry, watches and more! Whether you are in the main shopping belts of Orchard Road and Marina Bay or at the suburban malls, look out for this great sale.

If you want to go there, don’t forget the Great Singapore Sale Tourist Privilege Card. You can download the card at this site. With this card, you can enjoy fantastic discounts on your purchases and visits at participating outlets. And you should present this card with your passport to enjoy the privileges listed in the brochure.

Don’t forget, the GSS 2009 is held from May 26 to July 29, 2009. Well, at this time in Indonesia is also the school long holiday, so moms, you can take your children too to spent their holiday time. So everybody is happy, isn’t it?

June 24, 2009

The Great Singapore Sale 2009

Singapore is one of my favorite vacation destinations that I visit frequently. There are lots of interesting activities and attractions I can find there. I always plan my vacation before so I will have a great vacation and enjoy the time very much. I usually go to Singapore with my friends and we love to stay at comfortable city hotels. We choose city hotels as they are located downtown and they usually offer special deals.

As for this time, I plan to go to Singapore to enjoy the Great Singapore Sale 2009 which is held from may 29th to July 26th. I will go with my friends and we will enjoy the great sale. To be able to enjoy the great sale, we surely need to stay at comfortable hotel. Our choice is one of Accor Hotels which is located downtown. It happens as we found that there is Accor Hotels City Super Sale. We consider the hotel rates are much cheaper for such high quality hotels as what we see at Accorhotels.com. We want to use this great promotion as we can save money on hotel. This means that we have more money for shopping.

Further, I found out at the website that this offer is only valid from July up to September 2009. This means that if you want to use this great offer, you have to book the hotel during that period of time.


June 19, 2009


Shopping, hmm…who doesn’t like shopping, especially us, women..
Have you read the novel series “Shopaholic” by Sophie Kinsella? They are my favorite, it is funny, light reading but very entertaining. But the saddest thing is when I lost that book, the first series “Confessions of a Shopaholic”. I kept at my mom’s house, but that time when I lost most of my collections because of the termite, I went to my mom’s house to check it out… and I just find other series beside that book… I don’t know whether my mom had thrown it away or there was somebody who borrowed without asking. Well, I have to buy it again…!!

Few months ago it was filmed with title as the first book “Confessions of a Shopaholic”. But anyway, I haven’t watched it yet. I hope it is as funny as the book. Have you watched it?

June 14, 2009

New Collection : Korean Style Nursing Wears

Korean Style Nursing Wear Collection is now available at www.ZoyaMaternity.com. There are many styles of this collection but the stock is limited on each style. The clothes is not only comfortable but also stylish.

Now moms can breastfeed your baby in the public place easily and with no embarrassment for sure.

See you at ZoyaMaternity.com and be a fashionable nursing mom.

June 09, 2009

Be A Certified Ethical Hacker

Some companies have paid more attention to their security system and they have developed some excellent programs that would be uneasy to be broken by some hackers. But somehow, naughty hackers are still able to break into the system. But in many countries, some professional hackers are being paid by a certain company to break into their own system and to inform them about the lacks of their IT Security system. Those hackers run their penetration testing to the company’s IT system.

Talking about hacker, some people start to discuss the possibility of being Ethical Hackers. Well, hacker also needs to have some ethics in the business. And now hundreds of IT professionals are joining Secure Programming training program, a program to help them to prepare their salve to face the un-ethical hacker and also to get the Ethical Hacker certification. For you who are also interested to be a Certified Ethical Hacker, please check this site: Iclass.eccouncil.org, they offer classes for:
-Security Fundamentals
-Ethical Hacking
-Penetration Testing
-Computer Forensics

-Disaster Recovery
-Secure Programming

Well, by joining the EC-Council, perhaps we may take part to increase our security system in the cyber world. It’s free anyway. So, why don’t you join?


June 08, 2009

After One Week

It’s already been a week since ZoyaMaternity.com was launched, but the result is not as good as I expected. On the day 3rd, there was a woman called me, I was so excited. She asked about one of the products, but unfortunately I don’t have it for this time. Well, another customer go... but it’s oke, at least I know that they are already start to notice that ZoyaMaternity.com is exist. And anyway, it’s only a week! I hope it will show great progress this month.

June 01, 2009

ZoyaMaternity.com - Maternity Wears Online Store

Like I told you before that I decided to make my own home business.
And today, June 1st, 2009, I want to announce that ZoyaMaternity.com is officially open.

ZoyaMaternity.com sells stylish maternity and nursing wears for fashionable moms. ZoyaMaternity will help moms to always looked chic and stylish while pregnant and nursing.

So if you are a pregnant or nursing mom, don't forget to visit www.ZoyaMaternity.com. There is Opening Sale, 20% on all collections. Just visit the site and find out our best collection in great price.

See you there, moms!