June 30, 2008

ITK Tools Uninstalled at SocialSpark

I was wondering why my blog doesn't qualify in most opportunities at SocialSpark. It qualified before. I can't take any opportunity since then. But just now, when accidentally read other comments at SS about error system that caused they suddenly couldn't submit the opportunity that had been reserved, it happened to me too. They said ITK tools in their blog suddenly uninstalled.
I checked mine and yup, that's true... also happen to me adus
Now I know why I was jobless for these past days...

Hope they can fix it soon doa so that I can start making money again duit
For all SS member who read this, please check your blog account and make sure that the ITK tools are installed.

Day Off

Yesterday, since my last post about Bling Gnome game that was at around 2 AM, I was decided to take a day off blogging. I want to spend more time with my family, especially it was Sunday, family time. I thought we were going somewhere, but in fact, we just stayed at home all day long. What a pity! I had better browse the net, but I remembered my promise so that I didn't touch the computer at all.MySpace

June 29, 2008

Bling Gnome

My brother is a game freak, he is used to play PC game every single time and if there was a new game in the store, he bought the CD, especially about real time strategy game. But since we had internet connection in the house, he preferred to play the on line game.

One day, I peeped on him to find out what make him forget the time and missed the dinner. Since the game seemed interesting, I sit beside him and watched him playing. He told me that this is a recently published on-line game called Dungeon Runners. And it is free to download and play.
The interest of this game is the character called Bling Gnome that the duty is to follow the Runner and picks up the dropped gold. And also he can be asked to eat any unwanted items and throw it up as gold.
To celebrate the Dungeon Runners release, there is a contest called “Pimp Your Gnome” to win $350 BestBuy Gift Card. To join this contest, you have to dress up as a Bling Gnome at some place and take photos of it from at least two sides. The selected pictures will publish onto BlingGnome.com. After you post your Bling Gnomes photo, go to dungeonrunners.com and download the free game.

Sponsored by Dungeon Runners


Today is the happiest day on this week for my son. After had waited for so long, finally his grandma and grandpa came to visit. They brought my son a toy gun that he wanted for so long. He run, laughed and screamed all day long, and totally forgot his nap time. I’m happy to see him happy, but in the other hand the baby awaked every time she heard the gun’s sound. Dor...dor...dor!!

Bought A Domain

Last week I bought a new domain from my on-line friend. Because it is my first time, I got a little bit confused about the setting. Luckily she helped me trough it. Now, I'm still searching for the most suitable template. I prefer to look forward for a free template, since I can’t make it by myself. Just wait, my new blog is coming soon!

June 28, 2008

Ride in Style

Chevrolet was the first car that my Dad had bought for my big brother. I still can remember how he really proud of his own car. Sometimes, he showed off in front of the girls in the neighborhood. He said “If you want to ride, ride in style!”
To know more about Chevrolet you must visit Chevrolet Europe. And also I’ve found a very interesting and funny advertisement. Let’s check this out!

Sponsored by Cheverolet


Cars the movies have changed my live since the first time I took my son to watch the movie. My two year old son asking me to buy the DVD, and since then I must sit beside him and accompany him to watch it every single time, in the morning, in the afternoon, in the night. Do you know how many times I watch the movie in one day? 4-5 times…Gosh... Like no other movies! But he seems always to enjoy it at every moment like it was the first time. He often make funny sounds of the cars and now he remember every single scene and what all the characters said…amazing!

Go Green

Green lives and save the earth. Woow it’s a big concept right!
I am not a wonder woman nor a superhero! How can I save the earth?
You can save the earth by changing your behavior to consume energy or you can try bio-gas or you can save the waters, if you can, try to go paperless to save our tropical forest, you can planting some trees and say no to plastic. You can start from now. Let’s go green for the better future.

source image http://www.uwsp.edu

“Symbiosis Mutualism” at SocialSpark

Blogging is become a life style these days, almost everybody has his own blog. And I decided to follow them, having my own blog. At the first time I don’t know what should I write on, but now it seems like every day is blogging.

I enjoy blogging since I joined SocialSpark. It is a social networking site, not only bloggers but also advertiser can join this community, interact with each other, make friends and do other things. Since blogging become a trend, most advertisers are advertising their products through blog advertisement. At SocialSpark.com, blogger and advertiser are such a kind of “Symbiosis Mutualism”, each gains benefit from the other. Advertiser can advertise their product and blogger can take this opportunity to earn some money. Since there are thousands of bloggers join this community, I believe that advertisers can drive more traffic and get more links to their site.

As a blogger, I’ve taken some opportunities here and also looking forward to write about my favorite product such as cosmetic, fashion, food, jewelry, coming events, furniture, children’s product and travel. It must be fun to review something that I like and I’ll be paid for it. If you are potential advertisers, please sign up at SocialSpark.com now and feel the different.

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Next StepTo Do

Due to my hair loss, since now on I will:
  1. Get my hair cut. Anyway, maybe it will give me a fresher look.
  2. Consume more nutrition to suffice the needs of my body and for breast feeding as well.
  3. Relax and enjoy raising the baby.
  4. Positive thinking
  5. Use the hair fall shampoo and hair vitamin
  6. Use candle nut oil onto my scalp since someone said that it will make your scalp and hair healthier.

June 27, 2008

Dirt Devil, Best Gift Ever

I was bugged with my friend’s calls. She asked me to accompany and also to give her an idea of a present for her husband coming birthday. Although I had told her that I was busy with my load job, she kept trying to call me in every 10 minutes. Finally she won, what can I do? She is my best friend.

I was wondering what the best stuff is for a man like him and suddenly it came up on my mind. Yes, a vacuum cleaner. Let me tell you, her husband is a perfectionist and I think he is the cleanest person among our friends. Although cleanness is good for healthy, but I think he is far too much. He can’t stand to see dirt and dust near him although it’s only a little. Eating popcorn or chips on the couch while he’s watching TV is never come on his mind. Even his own children are not allowed to eat snacks in his car. He’s afraid that the crumbs will make everything dirty.

She agreed with me about the vacuum and her old vacuum need to be changed anyway. We browsed some website and found out that Dirt Devil AccuCharge vacuum cleaner seems interesting. Not only the suitable size but also cordless. Her smile was wider when she knew that this vacuum uses less 70% electricity. And this AccuCharge is the first cordless vacuums to be Energy Star approved. It means it will decrease the electricity cost and she can use the money for other needs.

This Dirt Devil makes my job easier and now I can go back to my delayed job.


Sponsored by Dirt Devil AccuCharge

MacBook Air, The Thinnest Notebook

Apple Mac introducing the world’s thinnest Notebook, MacBook Air. With 13.3 inch widescreen LED Display, this note book weight is only 3 pounds and nearly as thin as your index finger. Wow..!!

The Look

For more widgets please visit www.yourminis.com

I’m sure that you must often hear “Don’t judge the book from its cover “, but for me, the cover is really judged the book for the first impression. To get a good first impression you should get well dressed, use light makeup, smell good and don’t forget to style your Victory Hair. And maybe a good looking guy will flirt on you. Many men flirting women with non-verbal communication, such as give the scanning gaze on you or raising his eyebrows after making eye contact with you. But I think smile is the best way to attract people attention. Give one smile to one person each day, can make the world better.

For all who like to flirt, you should play the Ultimate Flirting Championship in the live widget called Extreme Style by VO5. Here you can test your own flirting abilities. It’s a fun live game with 3 players and each of players can create his/her own character to play with. In each game, 1 player is assigned to be the judge and others to be the contestants. The judge gets to ask 5 questions to each contestant and choose the person with the best answer. You can be the judge or the contestant. Easy, isn’t it?

If you want to share the joy with your friends, you can grab this live widget and put it on your own blog.

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June 25, 2008

Hair Fall VS Breastfeeding

It’s normal to get your hair fall out during breastfeeding. It usually happens 4-6 months after delivery and will continue to fall out for several more months. But the hair loss itself is not because of breastfeeding. It’s due to hormonal changes during pregnancy.

When you are pregnant, hormones pushed the hair to get into the growing phase at the same time and hold onto hair that would be shed everyday in a non-pregnant person. That’s why pregnant women have less hair fall out and the hair is often thicker than usual.

After the baby is born, those pregnancy hormones are gone. Many hairs stop growing and progress into the falling out phase at the same time. Since you did not lose them while pregnant, you will lose them now. That’s why you find yourself losing quite large amount of hairs, but in fact it’s just the extra hairs during pregnancy.

Other causes of hair loss after delivery are related with emotional feeling and lack of nutrition reserves due to breastfeeding.

Since it’s not due to breastfeeding, stopping breastfeeding will not change the amount of hair loss. Hair loss will gradually stop and thickness returns to normal.


Talking about magician illusion shows, I often watch Criss Angel MindFreak series on TV. Well, all people know who Harry Houdini is, who is famous with his straitjacket escape but Criss Angel as one of the modern magician masters, gives a new nuance of illusions. He is levitating above the Luxor Hotel, walking on water, floating between two building and other illusions that beyond imagination. He really has the guts!

Do you curious about his live stage performances?

The new Cirque Du Soleil performance featuring Criss Angel called CRISS ANGEL Believe will be held at Luxor Hotel in Las Vegas. Preview performances for CRISS ANGEL Believe begin September 1 and run through September 11. It will be performed Friday through Tuesday at 7:00 p.m. and 10:00 p.m. So don’t forget to book your time and buy the ticket.

Unlike the traditional magic shows, CRISS ANGEL Believe™ will bring the audience to the deepest exploration of Criss Angel inventive minds. Criss Angel himself acts as a Nobel Victorian and there will be dancers, fantastical creatures, bizarre Ushers and everything impossible will be possible in this show.

Actually, there was a text message contest to win 2 free tickets, but unfortunately, it was closed on June 15. However, the winner must be the luckiest person in the world.

Sponsored by CRISS ANGEL Believe

June 24, 2008

Funky Mice

When I lacked of idea on what I should write in my computer, I just sat, looked the screen and played scroll on the mouse. Suddenly, I grabbed the mouse and spun it closely as if it was the strangest thing in the world. And those silly questions come: Why this thing is called a mouse? Why the color is grey? Why it is so boring? ...
But, I found out some funky mice at The Gadget Shop.

This one is my favorite and I believe some men out there are hoping to have one. But guys, please don’t lapar… when you use it.

There are other collection such as the koi inside the tiniest aquarium, the chilli that can spice up your day or the cute kitty that meows.

You can look up for other fresh shapes at The Gadget Shop site.

Now, the question is :" Can it's called mouse now?"

June 21, 2008

Mommy, Want Some Money?

When I was an employee of a media advertising company, I often went to the marketing gathering, launching product event and got free tickets to watch live music concerts or famous live shows. What a fresh air!celebrate

When my first son was born, I couldn’t get a baby sitter, so with a heavy consideration I quitted my job. Time goes by, and now I have two wonderful children but still don’t have a baby sitter and with no job for sure. I spend most of time as a “stay at home mother”: taking care of my children, breastfeeding the baby and managing the household needs. Sometimes I’m bored with all of those and I feel like an empty cup. I miss my live, my friend and especially I miss my income.nangih

Luckily, I found this SocialSpark site and sign up. Here I can get connect with other people around the world, also I can share and ask anything, especially about mother world because there are lots of mommy bloggers here. Like last week when I had a problem, I directly send them a message and they replayed with a great solution. The best thing in this site is you can earn money too, if you have a blog and love to blog, you can register your blog to get lots of opportunities here. I’ve taken some of them and I’m doing the job while my children are sleeping. I think this is the most suitable job for mommy blogger like me. I can get the social networking, raise my children and make money as well without going outside. I believe that extra money in your account will make your smile wider. sengihnampakgigi

Mommy, want extra money? Join SocialSpark now and start counting your money here. And don’t forget to add me in your friend list. See you at SocialSpark!

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My Lonely Son

Since my husband gets the master degree scholarship, we both know all the consequence, such as lack of time with family but my 2 year old son doesn’t. On his mind, it’s only Daddy is here and Daddy is not here, that’s what I thought! But when I was observing his behavior lately, I found out that something missing on him. He gets angry and sad easily, but those eyes are sparkling every time he sees his Dad at home. O my God, he misses his Dad a lot. It gives me a big hit as a mother. I know, I spend less time with him since his baby sister was born. I want to give more attention to him but in the other hand, the baby keeps crying and breastfeeding all the time. What should I do?sedih

Free Zookoda For Your Blog

Have you ever tried email marketing lately to inform your reader about your latest blog post? If you don’t, you should take a look and consider Zookoda as your choice to enable you to send daily, weekly even monthly summary your latest blog post to your reader, it means you have a free tool to promote your content to visitor by sending them continuous email and encouraging them to return whenever you have done writing your new blog post. Amazingly Zookoda is an alternative “push” technology but not replace your blog feeds.

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How to know that your reader already accept email marketing from my Zookoda? Don’t worry about it, Zookoda have Reports tool that offers real time reports, so you can track each of your delivery email to your reader, you will know which email success to deliver and read by the reader, else you can know the habit of your reader.

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Did I mention….Zookoda is FREE!! Yes it’s totally FREE, so what are you waiting for? Just sign in to Zookoda and start to enjoy FREE email marketing.

Please feel FREE to enjoy your FREE Zookoda!

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June 17, 2008


When I browsed the Internet to find out how to make money on-line, I found this is very interesting. It’s the paid review programs, and Bloggerwave is one of them. So if you have a blog and love to write, it seems not difficult for you. You write they pay!

Don’t think twice, just simply click the banner below and register your blog now, because they offer $10 for the first job.

June 16, 2008

Hair Fall

Starting last month, I’ve got my hair falls. Now is getting worse, I fell depress every time I think about it. In fact, now I’m so afraid that I never brush or even to touch it again.
My hair like my finger print, they left behind at everywhere I go.

By the way, now I’m breastfeeding my 4 month-old baby. Is there any connection between hair fall and breastfeeding?

SnapBomb, Another Paid Review Program

Looking for paid review program? You should try this one, it’s called SnapBomb. While other paid review programs have heavy requirements, this one has more friendly requirements. Like this blog, although it still has PR-O, it has been approved to join.
The process is easy, just sign up and register your blog, after it has been approved, they will give your blog a certain minimum and maximum dollar value. They value your blog based on its popularity, quality, expertise in a field, audience size and reach, and feedback from your posts.

After your blog has been approved and valued, you can start hunting opportunities that are available and match with your area of expertise. You are given 12 hours to write and finish a blog post with a minimum of 150 words. The payment rate is based on your blog value. But my suggestion is don’t hesitate to take a low rate job that offer for the beginning. Better less than nothing and all the big comes from the small.

For all and especially for a “stay at home” mother like me, it can be one alternative to earn some extra money without going outside. So, don’t think twice, let’s join SnapBomb now and start collecting your money here.

June 15, 2008

Clean Up Your Home With Dirt Devil - AccuCharge Vacuums

When I was a teenager and stayed with my parents, cleaning the house was absolutely not in my schedule. I always had a reason to avoid it, such as pretended that I must do the paper at a friend’s house but actually we went to the mall or assumed to be so tired that all I need is sleep, but in fact I only lay on the bed and read a novel that I had just bought. In that time, I thought, what is the maid for?

I realized that is not something that I proud of. So, for all teenagers, please don’t follow my attitude.

Now, after I got married and moved to my own house, I feel that I’ve been cursed because of what I’ve done before, because I’ve to do the cleaning job by myself even less there are babies at home.

I quited my job right after my first son was born. With only one source income, we must save our money by decreasing the electricity cost for an example. So I choose broom instead to sweep the floor, no electricity at all senyum ...But what a mess, dusts were flying while I was sweeping the floor, so it was only moved to another placenangih Sometimes, with broomstick on my hand I wish I were a witch, and with a “blink”, everything is done!

Sweeping with broom is saving energy with no electricity cost for sure, but what about my own energy?.. Enough! I’ve to find another way. The only way is to buy a vacuum cleaner, but what about the savings? Well, I found out that the new Dirt Devil vacuum cleaner, called the AccuCharge™ gives the win-win solution, because it’s not only uses 70% less electricity but also easy to use. With cordless hand and stick vacuums, sure you can clean up any type of flooring you have, car seat, last night popcorn on the coach or even crumbs on the dining table easier and faster. In fact, this is the first cordless vacuums that have been approved by Energy Star. My husband says that the most important of it, is that there’s no one would be mumbling again while cleaningsengihnampakgigi


Sponsored by Dirt Devil AccuCharge

June 10, 2008

Be A Fashionable Nursing Mom

I’m a housewife that spends 24 hours at home daily to raise my children, to play with and to breastfeed my 4 month-old baby girl. The last one is taking the most time. I really…really need refreshing. Do other moms feel the same?

Weekend is the most waited time, because I can go outside with my family. It gives me a brand new fresh air and energy although it’s only go to the nearest supermarket or mall. But sometimes I got confused of what should I wear, so I still can breastfeeding my baby easily in public area with no embarrassment. I often wear T-Shirt, no style at all.

When I was at the nursing room at a mall, my eyes caught something that attracted my attention. It’s a brochure that shows varieties of fashionable nursing clothes. Well, it could be my problem solving. The clothes seem not only comfortable and stylish but also easy to use for breastfeeding your baby, as seen in the pictures.

You can browse http://www.onlinemilkyway.com to find out more fashionable nursing clothes that match with you.

So moms, next time you want to breastfeed, do it in style!

My Manga Character Name

If I were a manga character, I would choose the name Amaya that’s means “night rain”. I choose that name because I believe that the girl with name Amaya must be as beautiful as her name, and I like Amaya name because it just sounds like my last name, Amalia, which means generous woman in my country angel

Talking about manga, NCM Fathom and Viz Media will be presenting Bleach the Movie, so book your time because it will be in theatres for two nights only- June 11th and 12th at 7:30 PM. Please check the complete theatre list to find the nearest participating theatre and don’t forget to buy your ticket now because seating is limited.

Sponsored by NCM Fathom

June 09, 2008

Nina Oh Nina

OOoo MY GOD!! I was shocked when my mom called and told me that my comic collections were eaten by termites.

Do you still remember the Comics from Europe such as Asterix, Nina, Agen Polisi 212, Bob Si Napi Badung?? I’m sure you do! Nina is my favorite. Seeing those comics made my mind flew to the 80’s when they were very popular. I’ve collecting them since I was teenager.It wasn’t easy to get them. To collect all editions is my obsession and the termites ruin everything…

I want to cry, every time I remember them… after all of my effort to get them... I lost almost all editions of Agen Polisi and Bob, and I only have 82 Ninas left.

The worst is the used book store that I regularly visited is no longer there… I don’t know where it is now and I don’t have they number.. (I thought it will be there forever!!)

OK, STOP be so sentimental, wipe off your tears and move on!

The Hunting is BEGIN!!!!!

June 08, 2008

SocialSpark, Sparkling My Life!!

When I read a post about SocialSpark at my friend’s blog, I thought it is just another common social networking that spread out these days. But after I blog walked to others, they also talking about SocialSpark . What is this exactly? Why almost all of my on-line friends talking about SocialSpark ? As if they had a SocialSpark fever. This was obvious made me curious..

Finally, to beat my curiosity, I signed up. It was easier than made pancakes, ha..ha..

The first day I joined, I already had a friend request, and after I browsed the site, I found out that it is obviously NOT a common networking; it’s awesome because you can earn money while you make friends. This is absolutely great news for bloggers like me to earn some cash.

To get started with the opportunities, first your blog must be at least 30 days old, with at least 10 pre-existing posts written in the last 30 days. Then follow the 3 easy steps:

The verification step is the most important if you want to take an opportunity, because without being verified you can’t take any. If your blog is not approved or get “Pending Verification”, don’t give up. Just see what the problem is, fix it then resubmit your blog. Actually, it was happened to me but fortunately, it’s been verified now :-)

Not forget to mention their Code of Ethics:

  • 100% Audit-able In-Post Disclosure
  • 100% Transparency
  • 100% Real Opinions
  • 100% Search Engine Friendly

To whose the blog is not approve or not meet their criteria, you still can build community by adding friends and accepting invites. Don’t forget to give them Props so they can give you Props too. Props are your new way of giving someone your vote of confidence or high rating. It’s showed in thumbnail icon.

So guys don’t think twice to join SocialSpark , and let it Sparkling your life too.

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