October 21, 2008

Law Enforcement

Every day I always read newspaper and watch news program on TV just to know the current issue and the latest information. Recently, the news makes me worried because it about crimes that happened in my own city. For example some cases in a few moments ago, a man was shot until died by robbers just after took money from the bank. And a woman was kidnapped on her way home and was rob in the taxi. Those examples make some people, including me very afraid of going everywhere alone. We should extra carefully and always keep eyes open every time.

I’ve some tips to avoid this, always use a reputable taxi moreover when it’s already night and no one accompany you, although it’s more expensive. And if you are going to take money especially in large amount from the bank or other place, you had better have officers to guard you. And for you who live in the Arizona area, you can hire Arizona Law Enforcement for traffic control and security. Well, we hope the bad things won’t happen to us.

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