January 06, 2009


Busway, the most famous public transportation in Jakarta has been launched years ago, but I haven’t got a chance to try this transportation until last week. Oya, to beat my curiosity, finally last week I and husband decided to try Busway to the farthest mall from our home. Since it was my first time, I was a little bit surprised. It was not as I imagine. And my opinions are:
  1. Not comfortable, especially for children
  2. So hot, too many people in the bus. People are getting on the bus continuously although it has already full.MySpace
  3. Cheap. You only have to pay Rp 3.500 or about US$ 0.35 per person to go around the city.
When we got in, there was 1 seat left, so I and my son sit while my husband stood with a baby in carrier. For the first minute, it was OK, but later my baby seemed uncomfortable and started to cry while my son slept with sweat all over his body and face. Luckily a guy offered his seat to my husband. My baby was calm for a moment but since it was getting hotter, she cried again.
Finally we got off and continued went to the destination mall and back to home with a Taxi. And it was cost so much!! And it was the most expensive “trip” ever for transportation.
I think I’ll think 10 times if I have to use Busway next time!!MySpace

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Elsa said...

sayang, belom pernah ngerasain naik busway...