December 28, 2010


Do you like blogging? Well, I do. When the first time, I was confused about these blogging things, what should I do and what should I write on. But in process of time, I really enjoy blogging. My blog is like my online diary, where I put all in it. I write about all interesting in life, such as my favorite book, food and my daily activities. And I love to publish my favorite pictures too. Besides blogging, I also love to do blog walking and join community where I can share and get more information, current news, fresh idea to blog and also make friends as well.

As a beginner I used free tool for creating blog such as Blogspot and WordPress. They are very easy tools, and you can have a blog in very easy steps. But since I want to have my own domain, I should learn more about domain and web hosting or anything related. I wanted to find information about choosing the right domain name and cheap web hosting to support my new website. On the internet, I can find many web hosting tutorials, but since they are too many, I have to choose the most informative and useful for me. And also read the web hosting review first to gain more information about that. Anyway, if you know information about this, I really appreciate if you share in the comment below. Thanks before.

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