March 27, 2008

Marvel's Birthday

Today is my son MARVEL 2nd birthday.
Seems like yesterday that you were born. You were so tiny that time, but look at you now..

Ivel, I hope you can talk fluently ASAP.. not just "ajeba..ajebu"
you are so funny when you are angry because no one understand what you mean.

Ivel, love your sister, always!

Ivel, Mom and Dad love you so much... all the time

Happy Birthday IVEL !!!


Anonymous said...

aunty Sofia also wants to say a very happy b'day to Ivel..
keingetan mulu bbrp hari ini..
oiyah, happy anyversary juga for his parents & also my best friends..
ultah perkawinan bulan maret juga kan? hehe...
kado nyusul yah, spt biasa, hihihi...
smoga ivel cpt lancar ngomong, biar gantian omelin ibunya yg makin cerewet :p

noe said...

Thanks a lot!

Kadonya nyusul mulu neeh, kayanya dah numpuk kado Qta di elo :-)

Anonymous said...

Huhuu.. kangen ivelll....

Kadonya digabung ama ultah taun depan ya.. (hihihihi)