May 02, 2008

Sang Pemimpi

It’s been months after I had read the second book of Andrea Hirata’sLaskar Pelangi” tetra logy, but Ikal and his world always in my mind. Like the title, this book is about Ikal, Arai and Jimbon as a dreamer who want to make their dreams comes true: school in France! It was impossible, since they come from poor family and have to pay their own school by working hard as a laborer. But they not only dare to dream but also fight to make it happen. I cried when they finally got their dreams come true as if it was happened to myself. It was remembering me to The Secret, The Law of Attraction. All dreams can be true as long as we believe in that.

Similar to the first books, the memoir of Ikal, Arai and Jimbon are full of experiences, inspiring story and of course humor. Andrea success to play with reader emotion in this book, in some part he tells us the scene in detail description. The lesson that we got in this books is we have to believe ourselves that we can be success and we have to fight for it. Nothing is impossible!

It’s a great and inspiring book, 2 thumbs up, you have to read it!


Anonymous said...

i've been reading this novel. and i don't want to make a stop. sang pemimpi reminds me a film call dream cather.but unfortunately that's a horror movie

Ngatini said...

i have..the words is so deep... (terjemahan: saya udah baca, kata2nya dalem) maklum mbak namanya juga pembantu, gak bisa bahasa inggris..hihihi...