May 20, 2008


Talking about artwork, there’s one that interesting me. It’s Kurumie (Oshie), one of the famous Japanese handicrafts. Different with Origami (paper folding), Kurumie is an art of wrapping picture, using Japanese paper, called Chiyogami and sponge that are adhered one by one until become a past Japanese’s shape. It’s a little bit complicated and need an extra accuracy.

But, after see the result, all the tired is gone. It feels so happy and proud to make such a beautiful Japanese girl shape. It can be hang on the wall in your living room to get the beauty and the spirit of Japan.


Ngatini said...

ajarin dunk..

vira said...

beautifull kurumie..
i'm still lesson to make it :)

Bertuah said...

nice kurumie...cara buat nya ajarin dunk mbak