May 15, 2008

Naga Bonar is Back

Who had seen Naga Bonar Jadi 2 the movie, must be curious about the 1st Naga Bonar Movie. This old movie told about Bonaga’s Father, Naga Bonar when he was young: His experience, adventures and all the crazy moment in his life. It’s very interesting and funny. For all who haven’t seen Naga Bonar movie can release his breath, because it is replay on theater now.. oo yeaa.. Naga Bonar is back!! With a new cover, it looks fresher and more interesting


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GarasiBaca d'books said...

nagabonar memang top, dulu saya sudah pernah nonton, bedanya apa ya dengan yang sekarang diputar?===yanti

Marvel said...

It was my favorite