September 06, 2008

Baby Colic and Gas Are Distressful

When children were sleeping and I was sitting in quiet, I often wondering what my friends are doing right know and sometimes I feel jealous with them who still can go anywhere they like. Suddenly I remember my best mate at high school. I feel clumsy to call her because it’s been ages we have never called each other, since we were busy with our own family. So I sent her a message to ask about her baby condition to start a conversation. And it went well.

She talked about how confuse she was when her baby had colic, the baby cried all the time and getting worst. As a new mother, I know her feeling, it’s the same as mine, when my boy had baby gas. It’s so stressful. That time I didn’t know what to do, but after I gave him gripe water treatment, he was calmer and could sleep longer. Thanks God is over!

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