September 25, 2008

Shopping Time

It’s 5 days more to the Idul Fitri. Have you shopped? Well, it is a custom in my country to buy new clothes to celebrate Idul Fitri or Lebaran. That’s why during Ramadhan, every stores are full by people. They not only buy clothes but also food products. They also love to give parcel to their relatives and friends.
My family not following the tradition to buy new clothes every Lebaran. The reason is simple, because we don’t like shop in the crowd… ha...ha… So every Lebaran we always wear our old clothes. But not that old, it’s only few months old.. haha.. because we shop for Lebaran few months earlier.

But this year is different, since I have children, their grandparents want to buy clothes for them and insisted me to come. So last weekend, I was in the crowd… Anyway, it was not as scary as I imagine, it was fun, lots of sale. Which woman doesn’t like sales??

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