September 25, 2008

Disney Forever

Every little girl in this world must have dream to be a beautiful princess. That was also my dream when I was a little and that’s why I love Disney movies especially about the fairytales. The story is amazing and its high quality picture makes our imagination becomes live. I still remember how I pretended to be Cinderella; I was using a sarong as my princess gown, my mom’s shoes and dancing with a bolster…rindu

My favorite are not only fairytales but also other movies from Disney:
  1. Cinderella
  2. Beauty And The Beast
  3. Alladin – I love the movie and the song “ A Whole New World”
  4. Sleeping Beauty
  5. Ratatouille
  6. Donal Duck – I love this character ever, he is so funny when angry.
  7. Finding Nemo
  8. Dumbo – I cried when I watched this.
  9. Pirates Of The Carribbean
  10. Enchanted
  11. The Lion King
  12. Little Mermaid
  13. National Treasure
  14. Cars – This is also my son’s favorite ever!
  15. Princess Diary
Above is my 15 favorite Disney movies. How about you? What is your favorite, is it the same as mine? Please share to us.

Another thing from Disney is new ScreenLife Game Disney Bingo DVD game. This game is for ages 4 and up. In this game, children will learn numbers, colors, and matching skills with their favorite Disney characters and movie clips. Sound interesting, isn’t it? This game is now available at or Why don’t you buy it for your little one? I bet she/he will enjoy this game.


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