November 19, 2008

Pop Corn

Pop Corn, hmm who doesn’t know these popping corns? This snack is very popular at sporting events and in cinemas. And it is also be my best companion trough the lazy day besides cozy couch and a novel. The sweet smell of caramel popcorn..hmm...make me addicted.. ha..ha!
Talking about popcorn, Tim and Kim Loyd have been successful running their Popcorn store, called MOM and POPcorn Company in historic downtown McKinney Texas. At this store, you are not only can find fresh popcorn but also nostalgic candy, homemade fudge, and glass bottled sodas. More than a candy and popcorn shop, MOM and POPcorn has become a popular stop for visitor offering a nostalgic, family-friendly atmosphere.

Popcorn is usually served salted or sweetened, but at MOM and POPcorn Company's store you can find over than 45 different flavors of fresh popcorn available from original to candied and caramel to savory popcorn that made daily. If you live near the area, just visit the store and feel free to sample any of them before you make your choices. But you can also visit their online store at to make on line purchase.

Not only by the regular bag, but they also offering popcorn in various interesting container, such as tins, pails, boxes, and popcorn balls. If you need a gift for that some special or several for your friends, clients or corporate events Popcorn Gift Tins or unique gift boxes can be your choice. The tins are available in several dimension from 2 to 6 ½ gallon with up to 3 flavors of your choice. So, what is your favorite?


Anonymous said...

Themenya cute abiz mbak :D

Elsa said...

well, i dont really like pop corn.
lebih suka dadar jagung, sup jagung...
hehehe, selera kampungan ya?