June 09, 2008

Nina Oh Nina

OOoo MY GOD!! I was shocked when my mom called and told me that my comic collections were eaten by termites.

Do you still remember the Comics from Europe such as Asterix, Nina, Agen Polisi 212, Bob Si Napi Badung?? I’m sure you do! Nina is my favorite. Seeing those comics made my mind flew to the 80’s when they were very popular. I’ve collecting them since I was teenager.It wasn’t easy to get them. To collect all editions is my obsession and the termites ruin everything…

I want to cry, every time I remember them… after all of my effort to get them... I lost almost all editions of Agen Polisi and Bob, and I only have 82 Ninas left.

The worst is the used book store that I regularly visited is no longer there… I don’t know where it is now and I don’t have they number.. (I thought it will be there forever!!)

OK, STOP be so sentimental, wipe off your tears and move on!

The Hunting is BEGIN!!!!!