August 01, 2008

100 posts

Finally, I have wrote 100 posts in this blog.. horayy.. maybe for some people it is nothing, but for me it means something. I still remember when the first time I made this blog, I was so confused on what should I write. I'm not used to write and at that time writing is not my hobby. But after blogging for few months, I started to feel the excitement and browsing other's blog give me more information and knowledge about everything, and sometimes about something that beyond my imagination. But of course, we shouldn't 100% believe about it.
Through blogging, I have more friends from around the world and it seems no gap and no limitation among us. I feel that we are one nation, the nation of "Bloggers"


Gandhi Anwar said...

Horeeeeee! Selamat ya!


Zombie Money said...

Good job! :)

cool blog :)

ngadmin said...

hidup bloggers nation...who is the president yah?