August 21, 2008

Fright of Barbie Dolls: Normal or Nuts?

My sister always screams out loud and runs like crazy every time she sees Barbie doll, I don’t know why, because she never want to tell me. When I was little, my brothers and I often made fun of it just to see her screaming and we were laughing so loud. Now she has two daughters and never bought them Barbie doll. Can you imagine, girls without Barbie dolls? Finally, their Grandma bought them the dolls, but in one condition, they should play it only in their room and before they want to play it, they must tell her mother first, so that she won’t enter the room. We often ask her: Are You Normal or Nuts?

Well, have other people asked you the same question? or maybe you often ask it to yourself about your quirks. If the answer is “Yes”, you should post your quirky question on Reader's Digest's new “Advice & Know-How” article titled “Are You Normal or Nuts?" And get to know the answer from the psychological experts.
Here you can read other’s quirky questions and find out the answer. I found one that interesting. It’s about a person who always uses things until they wear out before getting new ones. Actually, I do the same. Some friends suggest me to spoil myself, but I think it is good not to waste our money to buy things that we don’t need. What about you?

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