August 19, 2008

Funny Character From SouthPark

For all who is not confident enough to put your picture on your site, or can’t find the avatar that similar with you (maybe your face is too unique … setan)
you can try to create your funny character at SouthPark.

These are the simple steps:
  1. Open the Southpark site. Choose the language.
  2. Start to create your character, such as: skin color, clothes, hat, etc.
  3. Printscreen the picture
  4. Open the Photo Editing Software, such as : Photoshop, Coreldraw, Paint
  5. Create “New” and Paste the Picture.
  6. Cut out/crop the picture. Save.
  7. Image ready to use

Here is the sample that I made just now. The character is just like me after blogging all day long..ha.ha..


Unknown said...

ha..ha... lucu, mau coba juga ahhhh

Anonymous said...

im heading over there to try. thanks for sharing :)