August 01, 2008

Use Your Credit Card Wisely

Lately credit cards have already been a part of modern life style. And it seems cannot be separated from our daily life. Credit card is the most practice way of payment. We mustn’t bring lot of cash everywhere, because almost every store accepts payment with credit card.
There are many companies that offer many kinds of credit cards with various benefits, such as point rewards, discount, prizes and many more. Applying credit card is very easy and you can do it on-line these days, but don’t be too persuaded with their all “sweet promises”, you should choose which is the most suitable with your needs and the most important is that best fit with your financial condition.

Credit cards can be your enemy if you didn’t use it wisely. Sometimes people are spending more than he/she can afford, especially if he/she has more than one card. Please remember that using credit card means that you have to pay all the money you have spent PLUS the monthly interest.
Using credit card reminds me of Rebecca Bloomwood in the Sophie Kinsella’s books, titled “Confessions of a Shopaholic”. She is a financial journalist who has exceeded all of her credit card bills because of her addiction to shop and she really can’t afford to pay all of it.
Well, if you don’t want to be like Becky, please use your credit cards wisely.

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