August 22, 2008

Vote For Your Favorite Recipe

The prestigious annual culinary event in America called GASCO or Great American Seafood Cook-Off was held in New Orleans on Aug 2 and 3. This year was its fifth event and they were 50 top level chefs from across the country competed to cook off. They prepared seafood dishes using fresh domestic seafood and showcased the best culinary products from their state.

The cook off competition is over but there is another contest called “People’s Choice Recipe Contest” at its site. Now it’s our turn to vote our favorite recipe from GASCO chef finalists. Just click one from the five finalist’s recipes that you think is the most interesting, easy and exciting for you to cook at your home. By entering a vote you can win a "Trip to New Orleans" prize. This package is including two Southwest Airline roundtrip tickets, hotel accommodations, dining experiences and more. The best thing is there is no purchase necessary to enter your vote, and the deadline for online entries is on October 31, 2008, so that you still have time to try to cook off the recipes and feel the taste of top chef’s dishes at your home.

My favorite recipe from this contest is “Mississippi Redfish Courtboullion with Seafood Dirty Rice” by Chef John Currence from Mississippi. The most interesting is the way it served; the chef used clay pot instead of plate. Rice is my family main food and we love sea food a lot, so it’s good to know that the dish is served over the rice. So what is your favorite recipe? Don’t forget to visit and enter your vote to win the prize.
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