June 21, 2008

Mommy, Want Some Money?

When I was an employee of a media advertising company, I often went to the marketing gathering, launching product event and got free tickets to watch live music concerts or famous live shows. What a fresh air!celebrate

When my first son was born, I couldn’t get a baby sitter, so with a heavy consideration I quitted my job. Time goes by, and now I have two wonderful children but still don’t have a baby sitter and with no job for sure. I spend most of time as a “stay at home mother”: taking care of my children, breastfeeding the baby and managing the household needs. Sometimes I’m bored with all of those and I feel like an empty cup. I miss my live, my friend and especially I miss my income.nangih

Luckily, I found this SocialSpark site and sign up. Here I can get connect with other people around the world, also I can share and ask anything, especially about mother world because there are lots of mommy bloggers here. Like last week when I had a problem, I directly send them a message and they replayed with a great solution. The best thing in this site is you can earn money too, if you have a blog and love to blog, you can register your blog to get lots of opportunities here. I’ve taken some of them and I’m doing the job while my children are sleeping. I think this is the most suitable job for mommy blogger like me. I can get the social networking, raise my children and make money as well without going outside. I believe that extra money in your account will make your smile wider. sengihnampakgigi

Mommy, want extra money? Join SocialSpark now and start counting your money here. And don’t forget to add me in your friend list. See you at SocialSpark!

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1 comment:

Anna said...

Hi nurul, I can identify with you about 'empy cup' and missing your income. I do feel it too, even after 3 years of staying at home!