June 15, 2008

Clean Up Your Home With Dirt Devil - AccuCharge Vacuums

When I was a teenager and stayed with my parents, cleaning the house was absolutely not in my schedule. I always had a reason to avoid it, such as pretended that I must do the paper at a friend’s house but actually we went to the mall or assumed to be so tired that all I need is sleep, but in fact I only lay on the bed and read a novel that I had just bought. In that time, I thought, what is the maid for?

I realized that is not something that I proud of. So, for all teenagers, please don’t follow my attitude.

Now, after I got married and moved to my own house, I feel that I’ve been cursed because of what I’ve done before, because I’ve to do the cleaning job by myself even less there are babies at home.

I quited my job right after my first son was born. With only one source income, we must save our money by decreasing the electricity cost for an example. So I choose broom instead to sweep the floor, no electricity at all senyum ...But what a mess, dusts were flying while I was sweeping the floor, so it was only moved to another placenangih Sometimes, with broomstick on my hand I wish I were a witch, and with a “blink”, everything is done!

Sweeping with broom is saving energy with no electricity cost for sure, but what about my own energy?.. Enough! I’ve to find another way. The only way is to buy a vacuum cleaner, but what about the savings? Well, I found out that the new Dirt Devil vacuum cleaner, called the AccuCharge™ gives the win-win solution, because it’s not only uses 70% less electricity but also easy to use. With cordless hand and stick vacuums, sure you can clean up any type of flooring you have, car seat, last night popcorn on the coach or even crumbs on the dining table easier and faster. In fact, this is the first cordless vacuums that have been approved by Energy Star. My husband says that the most important of it, is that there’s no one would be mumbling again while cleaningsengihnampakgigi


Sponsored by Dirt Devil AccuCharge

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