June 16, 2008

Hair Fall

Starting last month, I’ve got my hair falls. Now is getting worse, I fell depress every time I think about it. In fact, now I’m so afraid that I never brush or even to touch it again.
My hair like my finger print, they left behind at everywhere I go.

By the way, now I’m breastfeeding my 4 month-old baby. Is there any connection between hair fall and breastfeeding?


Anonymous said...

hm.. i dont know excactly if there s any relation between breastfeeding and hairfall, but, maybe its because of the stress feeling. Just try to relax, and use natural hair growth shampoo.. well, hope it works..
wish u luck **

Anonymous said...

yes! i positively think there is...because i'm experiencing this too. I'm still fully bfeeding my 1 year 3mths Humaira. It's due to the hormonal imbalances. Hweva, I'm very thankful to Allah for bestowing me with such strength and health to bfeed her. Oh ya..have u visited the bfeeding moms website yet? It's very interesting and beneficial esp 4 us. Here, we have the support group to motivate us as well as sharing experiences regarding bfeeding. Have a good click to the susuibu link at my blog.

Lauri said...

Rambut rontok when your baby 4 months old is normal. Nothing to do with breastfeed. It's hormonal changes. If you notice probably your baby also have the same problem. It will grow back. Don't worry. By the way, I found you from SS. Salam kenal ya.