June 24, 2008

Funky Mice

When I lacked of idea on what I should write in my computer, I just sat, looked the screen and played scroll on the mouse. Suddenly, I grabbed the mouse and spun it closely as if it was the strangest thing in the world. And those silly questions come: Why this thing is called a mouse? Why the color is grey? Why it is so boring? ...
But, I found out some funky mice at The Gadget Shop.

This one is my favorite and I believe some men out there are hoping to have one. But guys, please don’t lapar… when you use it.

There are other collection such as the koi inside the tiniest aquarium, the chilli that can spice up your day or the cute kitty that meows.

You can look up for other fresh shapes at The Gadget Shop site.

Now, the question is :" Can it's called mouse now?"


Anonymous said...

Hope to have the first one.. slurupp..

Pok Dell said...

Don't you ever wonder what is the sex of the mouse :) , which one is a male and which is a female?