June 27, 2008

Dirt Devil, Best Gift Ever

I was bugged with my friend’s calls. She asked me to accompany and also to give her an idea of a present for her husband coming birthday. Although I had told her that I was busy with my load job, she kept trying to call me in every 10 minutes. Finally she won, what can I do? She is my best friend.

I was wondering what the best stuff is for a man like him and suddenly it came up on my mind. Yes, a vacuum cleaner. Let me tell you, her husband is a perfectionist and I think he is the cleanest person among our friends. Although cleanness is good for healthy, but I think he is far too much. He can’t stand to see dirt and dust near him although it’s only a little. Eating popcorn or chips on the couch while he’s watching TV is never come on his mind. Even his own children are not allowed to eat snacks in his car. He’s afraid that the crumbs will make everything dirty.

She agreed with me about the vacuum and her old vacuum need to be changed anyway. We browsed some website and found out that Dirt Devil AccuCharge vacuum cleaner seems interesting. Not only the suitable size but also cordless. Her smile was wider when she knew that this vacuum uses less 70% electricity. And this AccuCharge is the first cordless vacuums to be Energy Star approved. It means it will decrease the electricity cost and she can use the money for other needs.

This Dirt Devil makes my job easier and now I can go back to my delayed job.


Sponsored by Dirt Devil AccuCharge

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