June 27, 2008

The Look

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I’m sure that you must often hear “Don’t judge the book from its cover “, but for me, the cover is really judged the book for the first impression. To get a good first impression you should get well dressed, use light makeup, smell good and don’t forget to style your Victory Hair. And maybe a good looking guy will flirt on you. Many men flirting women with non-verbal communication, such as give the scanning gaze on you or raising his eyebrows after making eye contact with you. But I think smile is the best way to attract people attention. Give one smile to one person each day, can make the world better.

For all who like to flirt, you should play the Ultimate Flirting Championship in the live widget called Extreme Style by VO5. Here you can test your own flirting abilities. It’s a fun live game with 3 players and each of players can create his/her own character to play with. In each game, 1 player is assigned to be the judge and others to be the contestants. The judge gets to ask 5 questions to each contestant and choose the person with the best answer. You can be the judge or the contestant. Easy, isn’t it?

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