June 29, 2008

Bling Gnome

My brother is a game freak, he is used to play PC game every single time and if there was a new game in the store, he bought the CD, especially about real time strategy game. But since we had internet connection in the house, he preferred to play the on line game.

One day, I peeped on him to find out what make him forget the time and missed the dinner. Since the game seemed interesting, I sit beside him and watched him playing. He told me that this is a recently published on-line game called Dungeon Runners. And it is free to download and play.
The interest of this game is the character called Bling Gnome that the duty is to follow the Runner and picks up the dropped gold. And also he can be asked to eat any unwanted items and throw it up as gold.
To celebrate the Dungeon Runners release, there is a contest called “Pimp Your Gnome” to win $350 BestBuy Gift Card. To join this contest, you have to dress up as a Bling Gnome at some place and take photos of it from at least two sides. The selected pictures will publish onto BlingGnome.com. After you post your Bling Gnomes photo, go to dungeonrunners.com and download the free game.

Sponsored by Dungeon Runners

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