June 10, 2008

Be A Fashionable Nursing Mom

I’m a housewife that spends 24 hours at home daily to raise my children, to play with and to breastfeed my 4 month-old baby girl. The last one is taking the most time. I really…really need refreshing. Do other moms feel the same?

Weekend is the most waited time, because I can go outside with my family. It gives me a brand new fresh air and energy although it’s only go to the nearest supermarket or mall. But sometimes I got confused of what should I wear, so I still can breastfeeding my baby easily in public area with no embarrassment. I often wear T-Shirt, no style at all.

When I was at the nursing room at a mall, my eyes caught something that attracted my attention. It’s a brochure that shows varieties of fashionable nursing clothes. Well, it could be my problem solving. The clothes seem not only comfortable and stylish but also easy to use for breastfeeding your baby, as seen in the pictures.

You can browse http://www.onlinemilkyway.com to find out more fashionable nursing clothes that match with you.

So moms, next time you want to breastfeed, do it in style!

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Jemi said...

wow ! this is cool ! wish i got one :)