June 21, 2008

Free Zookoda For Your Blog

Have you ever tried email marketing lately to inform your reader about your latest blog post? If you don’t, you should take a look and consider Zookoda as your choice to enable you to send daily, weekly even monthly summary your latest blog post to your reader, it means you have a free tool to promote your content to visitor by sending them continuous email and encouraging them to return whenever you have done writing your new blog post. Amazingly Zookoda is an alternative “push” technology but not replace your blog feeds.

Do you have problem managing your email subscription? It’s really take time huh, Zookoda can simplify this problem, because Zookoda can take care of all your email subscription. With Zookoda you can enable create and design your own unique newsletter. What else Zookoda can do? You also can schedule your broadcast by specific date and time, by daily, weekly even monthly. Zookoda will help you to customize your email with details captured through your blog form.

How to know that your reader already accept email marketing from my Zookoda? Don’t worry about it, Zookoda have Reports tool that offers real time reports, so you can track each of your delivery email to your reader, you will know which email success to deliver and read by the reader, else you can know the habit of your reader.

Using Zookoda will make your blog more live and more popular, even can drive traffic more than you can imagine.

Did I mention….Zookoda is FREE!! Yes it’s totally FREE, so what are you waiting for? Just sign in to Zookoda and start to enjoy FREE email marketing.

Please feel FREE to enjoy your FREE Zookoda!

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