June 25, 2008

Hair Fall VS Breastfeeding

It’s normal to get your hair fall out during breastfeeding. It usually happens 4-6 months after delivery and will continue to fall out for several more months. But the hair loss itself is not because of breastfeeding. It’s due to hormonal changes during pregnancy.

When you are pregnant, hormones pushed the hair to get into the growing phase at the same time and hold onto hair that would be shed everyday in a non-pregnant person. That’s why pregnant women have less hair fall out and the hair is often thicker than usual.

After the baby is born, those pregnancy hormones are gone. Many hairs stop growing and progress into the falling out phase at the same time. Since you did not lose them while pregnant, you will lose them now. That’s why you find yourself losing quite large amount of hairs, but in fact it’s just the extra hairs during pregnancy.

Other causes of hair loss after delivery are related with emotional feeling and lack of nutrition reserves due to breastfeeding.

Since it’s not due to breastfeeding, stopping breastfeeding will not change the amount of hair loss. Hair loss will gradually stop and thickness returns to normal.

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