June 16, 2008

SnapBomb, Another Paid Review Program

Looking for paid review program? You should try this one, it’s called SnapBomb. While other paid review programs have heavy requirements, this one has more friendly requirements. Like this blog, although it still has PR-O, it has been approved to join.
The process is easy, just sign up and register your blog, after it has been approved, they will give your blog a certain minimum and maximum dollar value. They value your blog based on its popularity, quality, expertise in a field, audience size and reach, and feedback from your posts.

After your blog has been approved and valued, you can start hunting opportunities that are available and match with your area of expertise. You are given 12 hours to write and finish a blog post with a minimum of 150 words. The payment rate is based on your blog value. But my suggestion is don’t hesitate to take a low rate job that offer for the beginning. Better less than nothing and all the big comes from the small.

For all and especially for a “stay at home” mother like me, it can be one alternative to earn some extra money without going outside. So, don’t think twice, let’s join SnapBomb now and start collecting your money here.

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