June 28, 2008

“Symbiosis Mutualism” at SocialSpark

Blogging is become a life style these days, almost everybody has his own blog. And I decided to follow them, having my own blog. At the first time I don’t know what should I write on, but now it seems like every day is blogging.

I enjoy blogging since I joined SocialSpark. It is a social networking site, not only bloggers but also advertiser can join this community, interact with each other, make friends and do other things. Since blogging become a trend, most advertisers are advertising their products through blog advertisement. At SocialSpark.com, blogger and advertiser are such a kind of “Symbiosis Mutualism”, each gains benefit from the other. Advertiser can advertise their product and blogger can take this opportunity to earn some money. Since there are thousands of bloggers join this community, I believe that advertisers can drive more traffic and get more links to their site.

As a blogger, I’ve taken some opportunities here and also looking forward to write about my favorite product such as cosmetic, fashion, food, jewelry, coming events, furniture, children’s product and travel. It must be fun to review something that I like and I’ll be paid for it. If you are potential advertisers, please sign up at SocialSpark.com now and feel the different.

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