July 12, 2008

The Best “Glenn Beck” Comedian

Do you like a comedy? Off course you do, everybody loves comedy and I do too, I really love a comedy, because it can make me laugh all the time, comedy makes me fresh and throw away stress and frustration. After watch a comedy, sometime I can get new idea to write something new, something fresh and I feel alive. If you like a comedy like me too, you must see Glenn Beck! Glenn Beck? Who’s Glenn Beck? Glenn Beck is a political satire comedian. He’s a funny guy and he can make a serious issue to be funny things, he looks the issue from the other side of perception, he always give truth and honest perception, like his comment about oil issue on his video about Energy independence. He can make an oil issue on the video in funny ways. I think he is very courageous and diligent comedian.

You must see Glenn Beck. Its guarantee full sense of humor and you must be laugh. You have to go to his website and watch his video and if you curios want to watch him live, you can be present at Glenn Beck’s Summer Political Tour and the Dallas show on July 17th and will be broadcasted live via FathomEvents to select movie theaters nationwide on that date. It is a great entertainment. You must be grateful can attend his live performance. Like I said it’s full of fresh humor and laugh.gelakguling

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