July 25, 2008

Get Certified With Cisco Certification

After graduated from college, you must be excited to enter the new step of your life, get to work. In my country, finding jobs more over a good one is very difficult. Unemployment level has been increasing every year, it because of the minimum of job demands and many companies are requiring high qualified people on their jobs. Hence, holding only your college degree certificate is not enough and would not give you guarantee to get your desired job. These days, whether you’re beginning, changing or enhancing your career, you must get empowered.

The one that you should consider is Cisco certification, because IT networking is one of the fastest growing occupations and it skills are in demand across a wide range of industries. The rising global need for IT infrastructure is creating a high demand for qualified IT professionals to design, maintain, and support these networks. Cisco certifications bring valuable, measurable rewards to network professionals. By holding a Cisco certification, you can get a higher salary, a competitive advantage over those with an equivalent level of hands-on experience, new career options and professional recognition.

The Cisco Learning Network offers four General Career Certifications, such as: Entry, Associate, Professional and Expert. And they also offer Specialist Certification in technologies, such as security, IP telephony, and wireless in addition to enhance networking personnel’s core knowledge.
So, whether you are a highly experienced networking professional or a newcomer to the IT field, I suggest you to get yourself certified with Cisco certification. Be ready to face the globalization era and highly competition in the exciting networking industry.
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Anonymous said...

wow, this is an information that is valuable.

most people should hear about this. not just because I'm an IT professional, myself. But because people nowadays need to realize, that university graduates isn't enough.

skilled people would be appreciated even more. there fore, get yourself a certification ;)

that's for those who aim to work for companies. for me, who open my own enterpreneurship.. that's another different story.

Anonymous said...

Some IT areas ground to a halt while others skyrocket. One of these areas that are growing and continue to do so is networking as you correctly state in your article.