July 10, 2008

Complete Your Music Collection

I’ve to admit that I am not a boy band fans these days, it’s because I get older and think that it’s only for teenagers. But back to the 80’s, when I was at the elementary school, I was totally crushed on New Kids On The Block (NKOTB). Jordan Knight, Jonathan Knight, Joey McIntyre, Donnie Wahlberg and Danny Wood did a great job, because it was the first famous Boys Band that made teenager girls in my country screamed out loud. It’s because not only their music are easy listening, but also their cute faces made us girls crazy. It made some guys jealous..ha..ha.. “Step by step.. Ooh Baby.. Gonna get to you girl…

Couple years ago, when I missed my teenager life, I went to the music store and asked whether they have NKOTB’s CD, and the salesman said “NKOTB?? Hmm...Nope we don’t, why do you search it anyway, they broke up..!”.. Grrrrr…

Luckily, I found the 991.com site and if you are a music lover and a collector too, you should consider this site, because they have a huge collections of CDs, Deleted Records and Rare Vinyl Records and Memorabilia. Here you can find the one you haven’t got or even the missing piece of your collection. Let’s check it out now!
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