July 25, 2008

How To Attract Men

Actually this is inspired by a friend who is still single in her age, when almost of her friends has got married. She always thinks that there’s must be something wrong with her. For my friend and all of you who would like to meet a man of your dreams or wish that could attract any men who you want, you should learn how to attract men.

Smile show that you are friendly and would most likely welcome a conversation. So the moment you make eye contact with a man, give him your best possible smile.

Be Friendly
Men are attracted to friendly females

Pay Attention To Your Appearance
You have control over how good you look. How you look describes your personality. Men usually look at woman’s appearance for the first impression. You don’t need to be a fashion setter, but at least you should understand the latest trends in fashion.

Smells Good
You don’t have to use an expensive perfume or a large amount of cologne in your body. Just make sure that your body and skin are clean, fresh and fragrant. Don’t forget to use your deodorant.

Expand Your Knowledge
Men are attracted to educated females. Wide knowledge makes you able to talk about everything. Don’t be an outdated woman. You should know what is the up to date news and issues.

Learn To Cook
The quickest way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. You get an extra point if you can advance your culinary skills.

Have a Self Confident
Be happy and proud of who you are. Being confident in yourself makes you more attractive no matter who you are.

Have Sense of Humor
Don’t be a too serious woman. A good sense of humor will impress men and it is one of the best tactics in attracting a man.

Positive Thinking
You should have positive thinking to get the positive result. It’s the most important in the law of attraction.

Hope these will help you in attracting man that you like. Well, good luck Girls!

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