July 07, 2008

Dreaming of Victory Hair

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My friend thinks that she has a problem with her hair that is very straight and tangled. She often loses her confidence when dating because of her hair. She always imagines of an actress’ hairstyle like in the movie, the hair will never be messed up by anything. That is called Victory Hair and that is Extreme Style by VO5 are made for, to let your dream come true; the sexiest and best hairstyle ever will all yours. And maybe with her new look, a good looking guy will flirt on her and ask her for a date.

Talking about flirting, there is an interesting and fun live widget called The Ultimate Flirting Championship, it’s an on-line game of flirting with 3 players on it. You can be the judge or the flirter. As a judge you are assigned to give 5 questions to each contestant. And choose the contestant with the best answer as the best flirter. As the flirter you can test your flirting ability and find out whether your favorite lines are working or not in the real live.

Sound interesting, isn’t it? You can enjoy playing it anytime and sharing it with your friends. Just grab the widget and put it on your own blog.
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Anonymous said...

This sounds interesting, specially that online dating game but I don't understsnd that why do you have problems with your hairs.I will also try this game.

noe said...

hey george lora, thx for the comment, but I don't have problems with my hair, my friend does.

But my hair falls badly, but it's ok.I have a 5 months baby, and hair loss is common problem that caused by hormonal changes.