July 12, 2008

The Day When I Was Sick

Yesterday I was sick and couldn’t get off from the bed. I was worried about my children, who’s gonna take care of them? But, suddenly my sister called me and asked me to take my son to play at the Kid’s Sport with her daughter. Ooh she saved my life and without think twice, I absolutely agreed. He needs some fresh air anyway!

I wasn’t hear news from him all day, well, he must be have a great day there. And when he came home at the early evening, he gave me a big smile and held on something, waa… He got a new backpack, and it’s Thomas, his another favorite movie besides Cars. And now he’s taking it everywhere he goes.


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Miss G said...

Hihihii....seruuu yah klo liat anak2 semangat dan berbinar2, pasti walopun masih puyeng2 en ga enak badan tapi got a boost from that moment when we saw them really happy and beaming like that!

Thanks for sharing this, I love reading this small ordinary things but very precious moment!

Have a GREAT Sunday dearie!