July 22, 2008

First Payment

Today, my first payment from SocialSpark has been transfered to my PayPal account. I'm really happy and excited about thismenari Not only is because of the amount but also because all my hard work are giving a good result. They sent me $50.50 for this first payment duit And it is a quiet large sum of money for me. I have never been getting money on-line before, that's why this time is so special. I still can believe, finally there is money at my Paypal account. Thanks God. Alhamdulillah.


Unknown said...

whoa? 50.50?
that's not a small amount of money, if I may say.

great job, I wish I can follow you, too (soon).

Anonymous said...

congrat sis :)
btw your kids are funny ;)

Anonymous said...

Congrats on your first and bonus pay. ..
Wow... I wish i could also write as good as you... :)

Anonymous said...

hi nurul, just blogwalking here :D

wow, first payment :D, how many post do you write at SC, that's earn $50.50, and how long