July 31, 2008

Black Toothpaste

My mother-in-law told me about a maid who worked for her years ago. Every time she brushed her tooth, she always mixed the tooth paste with charcoal powder. She said that it was a traditional recipe from her grand-grandmother to get the clean and white tooth.
When I browsed the net days ago, I found a black tooth paste that reminds me about the maid. This toothpaste is from Korea and called “Charcle” toothpaste and in fact it is made from charcoal. Well, I don't have idea about the taste and maybe you must go black first to get white… Want to try?


Anonymous said...

I'm curios about the taste.. can we find it here??

Anonymous said...

Can't imagine that charcoal in my mouth. But maybe it's true, you must go black first if you want to get white :-0