July 17, 2008


I couldn't sleep well last night, how could I if those my 2 little bunnies were still awake.
My baby girl was breastfeeding all night long, and every time she wanted to sleep, her brother came in the room and screamed out loud, and she waked up again, and again.
Finally my son was slept, and it was the perfect time for my baby to sleep. But at 2 AM, my son suddenly woke up and cried, he wanted to play in the living room.. uuughh... and of course, as I guess, the baby wakes up too. Now, when both of them are finally go to sleep, it's already 6 AM.. ooh God, I'm so sleepy but it's the time to start a new day.

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Anonymous said...

Perhaps we all just need a little bit more sleep? We need sleep not less than eight hours. When people don't sleep enough, they sometimes become psychotic.